Thanks to the efforts of Beth Ann LeGate Pickels, Mary Kay Cowart Montford, Laura Jo Griffin Brewer, and Linda Parnell Thrasher, we have accounted for over 450 of our classmates.  Modern technology and Internet searches have definitely helped, but it is really phenomenal to have found so many people after almost 50 years. 

If you have information about any of the people on the list that have not been found,  please let us know by sending a message on the Contact Us page.

If you have not already done so, go to the Classmates section of this website and give us your current contact information.  Please encourage others to do the same.  That section is passworded.  Your contact information will only be available to the reunion committee.

Thanks for your help in letting as many people as possible know about the reunion.

Following is our full "search" list.  We have found lots of people, but hope to find more. 

Patricia Abbott (Johnson) - Found
Darlene Abboud (Toney) - Found
Joseph Abood - Found

Walter Abstein - Found
Flo Adams (Rubel) - Found

Judy Adams (Gavin) - Found
Margaret Ahren - Found

Marvin Alford - Found
Sherry Allen (McAlister) - Found

Frank Alters - Found
Louis Andre - Found
Joanne Arab (Millard) - Found
Carolyn Jean Arnold

Lee Arthur (Gallo) - Found
Carolyn Elizabeth Austin - Found
Patsy Avinger (Jordan) - Found

Harry Babbit - Found
John Baird - Found
Bill (Swinton) Baisden - Found

Trudy Lynn Baker
Marian Barnett (Poitevent) - Found
Robert Basford - Found
Jim Baskerville - Found

Sandra Bauer (Rodriguez) - Found
Melvin Beasley - Deceased

Julia Beason (Day) - Found
Margaret Eloise Beatty - Found
Charleen Frances Bell - Found
Leigh Bell (Taylor) - Found
Howard Byron Bell - Found
Mary Elizabeth Bell (Fortney) - Found
Marsha Kaye Bennett (Hyatt) - Found
Mary Bennett (Danese) - Found
Linda Berlow - Found
Benny Bessent - Found
Vaden Bessent - Found
Daryl Bethea - Found

Johnny Blair - Found
Carol Blume (Baumer) - Found

Kimball Bobbitt - Found
Francie Lou Bohanan
Manly Bolin - Found
Lois Patricia Bragg (Purvis) - Found
Edward Brand - Found
Pamela Bray (Crawford) - Found
Hank Breitmoser - Found
Ellen Brett (Heimbold) - Found

Joyce Brink
Janis Brinkley (Ferlazzo) - Found
Mary Lee Brockman (Jones) - Found
Doug Brooks - Deceased
Ombra Brooks (Branson) - Found
Michael Brooks
Julian Finley (Denny) Broome - Found
Barbara Brown (Jole) - Found
Harriet Brown (Strickland) - Found
Judy Brown (Donaghy) - Found

William Millard Bryan
Beverly Bryson (Hambrick) - Found
Linda Burch (Hall) - Found
Richard Burch - Found
Russell M. Burns - Found

Richard Cooper Butler
Teri Anne Buzhardt (Toole) - Found
Jim Cain - Found
Jerry Cain - Found
Carolyn Elizabeth Caines - Found
William Thomas Carlisle - Found
Mike Carter - Found

Millicent Lucille Carver - Found
Eleanor Chance (Baker) - Found
Jack Chancellor - Found

Christina Chancey
Frank Charles - Found
James Charles - Found
Francis Chastain
Isabelle (Tuckie) Christie (Fetters) - Deceased
Jana Chytry (Davis) - Found
Elizabeth Clark (Davis) - Found
Linda Clark (Creed) - Found
John Clark
Betty Jean Clayton
Barbara Clemons
Beth Ann Cleveland - Found
Richard Edward Clifton
Billy Cole - Found
Steve Coley - Found
George Wilbur Collins - Found
Eugene Gary Conklin - Found
John Conneely - Found

Margo Lynn Conway - Found
Judy Cooper (Sanders) - Found

Noel Cooper - Found
Stan Cooper - Found

Dwayne Copeland - Found
Betty Jo Corson
Carol Ann Cowart
Mary Kay Cowart (Montford) - Found
Bob Cowles - Found
Patricia Cox
Lynda Craig (Headley) - Found
Carolyn (Cricket) Crain (Foley) - Found
Leila Crawford (Counts)
Marlene Crawford (McCollum) - Found
Pat Crawford (Dockery) - Found
Janice Crawley (Elrod) - Found

Lucinda Credle (Halsema) - Found
Mack Crenshaw - Found
Paul Crook - Found

Peggy Croom - Found
Marsha Eileen Cummings (McDaniel) - Found
Margaret Kay Cuppett - Found

Dennis Daley
Earl Darnell
Betty Ann Davis (Cox) - Found
June Davis (Chambers) - Found
Teresa Davis - Found
Wendell Davis - Found
Ann Marie Deal (Garr) - Found

Lucy Decuers (Shirah) - Found
Patsy Dees (Krebs) - Found

Patricia Catherine DeLand
Patricia Delaney (Gissendaner) - Found
Gwen Dempsey (Radimer) - Found
Janice Dennard
Martin Denney - Found
Mary Jane Denson
Patricia Detweiler
Patsy Dickson (Ford) - Found
Dorothy Dixon (Boer) - Found
Esther Dixon (Thomas) - Found
Larry Dixon - Found

John Donovan
Bill Dougherty - Found
George Wesley Douglas - Found
Hoyt (Butch) Driggers - Found

Margo Duffe (Harkrader) - Found
Dale Kirk Duncan - Found
Virginia Dunlop (Whalin) - Found
Lillian Durden
Michael Durden - Found
Wayne "Bull" Durham - Found
Ruth Dyer (Milton) - Found

Patricia Elaine Eagerton (Green) - Found
Mary Sara Edwards
Lee Edgar - Found
Charles Ekwurzel - Found
Warner (Nick) Elkins - Found
M. C. Elmore (Harrell) - Found

Dennis Falgout - Found
Elvin Farris - Found
Jean Felder
Margaret Rose Fenters - Found
Fetters - Found
Joanne Field (Garner) - Found
David Finnell - Found
Nedra Fish (Lexow) - Found
Evelyn Foley (Crews) - Found
Forehand - Found
Robert Eugene Forster - Found
Johnny Harold Fowler - Found
Ronnie Frazee - Found
Arthur Edwin Frazier - Found
Geraldine Frees (Gurvitch) - Found
John Frost - Found
Laveoletto Ann Fudge
Billy Fuller - Found
Larry Fulmer - Found
Evangeline Futch (Gault) - Found
Dudley Gordon Garland - Found
Sandra Garland (Johns) - Found
Loretta Gay (Weirauch) - Found
Paul Genho - Found
Barbara Sue Gibbs (Lazarus)- Found
Celia Gibbs (Rogers) - Found
Penny Gilberstadt (Smith) - Found
Sonny Glover - Deceased

Brenda Green (Meister) - Found
Carolyn Dolores Gregory
Barbara Jean Griffin
Laura Jo Griffin (Brewer) - Found
Nelson Grimes - Found
Judy Grimsley
Mary Grindstaff
Carole Griswold (Abraham) - Found
Patricia Guinn (Bascara) - Found
Marvin (Marty) Gunnells - Found
Torrance Hair - Found
Steve Hall - Found

Vesta Hammond (Udall) - Found
Edward Hampton - Found
Brenda Harrington (Fields) - Found
Myrtice Harris (Craig) - Found
Kay Harrison - Found
Lois Harrolson
John Hartman - Found
Larry Harvin - Found
Linda Haselden (Bracken) - Found

Charlene Hawkins (Janney) - Found
Jerry Hays
Suzanne Haynes - Found
Elaine Hazlehurst (Rae) - Found
Mitchell Hazouri - Found
Letty Heinrich (Tyre) - Found
James Frankin Helms - Found
Joyce Helms (Hooker) - Found
Kay Henderson (Humphrey) - Found
Rodney Hentz - Found
Jerome Hightower - Found
Nelson Hilty (Carter) - Found

Woody Hoffman
Charlene Hoolehan (Fisher) - Found
James Russell (Skip) Howard - Found
Jack Huddleston - Found

Kathleen Hunter (Hamwey) - Found
Jackie Hurst (Stoudenmire) - Found
James Calvin Hurst - Found
Lamar Hutcherson - Found
Fred Isaac - Found

Clarice Ivey (Kennedy) - Found
Charles Michael Jacobs
Bill Jackson - Found
Lorene (Cookie) James (Carroll) - Found
Barbara Jansen (Howay) - Found

George Jinks - Found
Jack Joest - Found
Bobby Johnson - Found

Claudia Johnson - Found
Faye Johnson (Barrow) - Found
Judith Eleanor Johnson
Kaye Johnson (Williams) - Found

Clayton Johnston - Deceased
Ginger Johnston (Frailey) - Found
Audrey Jones (Williams) - Found

Darlene Jones (Adams) - Found
Helen Jones - Found
Julia Ann Jones
Oakley Barton Jones - Found
Ronnie Jones - Found

John Joos - Found
Joann Jordan (Forehand) - Found
Ken Keefe - Found
Barbara Ann Kelly - Found
Dora Anne Kemp (Cochran) - Found
George Kenyon - Found
Marcia King (Doby) - Found
Frederick Kirchhoff - Found
Mary Alice Kirkland - Found
Larry Kirkman - Found
Carolyn Klehm (Etitus) - Found

Sharon Knowles (Robichaux) - Found
Edward Kromberg - Found
Bob Lambing - Found

William Lane - Found
Elizabeth Langford (Crane) - Found
Ronald LaPann - Found
Earl Lawson - Found
Sandra Suzanne Lee - Found
Beth Ann LeGate (Pickels) - Found
Fran L'Engle (Moulder) - Found
Phillip Leonard - Found
Bill Leslie - Found
Linda Jan Lester
Betty Jo Lewis - Found
Mary Patricia Light - Found
Sid Linton - Found

Saundra Ann Lloyd
Mary Beth Locke (Cowden) - Found
Camille Long (McDougald) - Found
Harriette Lott (Cannon) - Found
Patricia Ann Lowrie - Found
Tom Lybass - Deceased
Frances Lyle (Keiper) - Found
Carl Lyons - Found
Madelaine Mackoul (Cosgrove) - Found
Donald Malott - Found

Sharon Mann (Cooper) - Found
Linda Anne Manus (Shiffler) - Found
George Martin - Found

Joyce Martin (Goddard) - Found
Ray Martin - Found
Linda Mayfield
Bob McAliley - Found
Patricia McCarty - Found
Kingsley McCallum - Found
Marie McClung (Mathewson) - Found
David Arthur McClure
Suzanne McCully (Wallman) - Found
James Thomas McCulley
Kitty Lou McDade (Dawdy) - Found
James McDaniel
John McDaniel - Found
Beverly McGahee (Neesmith) - Found
Dorothy McGee (Chambers) - Found
Bonnie McGregor (Robeson) - Found

Robert McKain - Found
Charles McKinley - Found
Arlene Jean McKone (Helmey) - Found

James Milburn McLeod
Linda McLucas (Fisher) - Found
Franklin Wayne McMahan - Found
Karen McMillan (Spychalski) - Found
Nancy McMillan (Weddington) - Found
Donald Meadows - Found
Hubert Mehaffey - Found

Michael Meister - Found
Albert J. Menendez - Found
Robert Meredith - Found
William Richard Merwin
Virginia (Ginger) Micou (O'Connor) - Found
Fred Miller - Found
Jane Miller (Arnett) - Found
Thomas Miller - Found
Michael Minton - Found
Robert Eugene Mitchell
Virginia Mobbs (Goodrum) - Found
Martha Hanson Mohley
Wylene Montgomery (Shank) - Found
Don Michael Moore
Jim Moore - Found
Doug Moore - Found
Patricia Anne Morissey
Sue Mullis (Kolb) - Found
Charles Norton Murray
Ona Lee Mustonen - Found
Tonnette Napoli (Smith) - Found
Ellis Neder - Found
Francia Nelson - Found
Nancy Nelson (Spencer) - Found
Joyce Ann NesSmith (Kronmiller) - Found
David Norton - Found
Marsha Olive (Hudson) - Found

Karen Olson (Raymond) - Found
David Martin Osborne - Found
June Owens (Eddins) - Found
Larry Dean Padgett
Charlotte Ann Palmes (Starr) - Found
Stella Margaret Palmes
Patricia Louise Paresi (DeCarli) - Found
Malcolm Parker - Found
Gene Parker
Jo Ann Parker (Dobbert) - Found
Linda Parnell (Thrasher) - Found

Norma Jean Parr
Mary Jane Parramore (Kramer) - Found
Lewis Parrish - Found
John Patterson - Found
Michael Edward Patterson
Nedra Payne (Piper) - Found
Roger Francis Peele
Mary Pearce (Jordan) - Found
Elaine Perry (Starling) - Found
Harold Allan Phillips
Janice Phillips (Buck) - Found
Sherry Philips (Hawkins) - Found
Nancy Pike (Smith) - Found
Priscilla Porter - Found

Carol Posey (Duguid) - Found
Glenda Powell
Monett Powers (Kent) - Found
John (Randy) Pridgen - Found
Rhonda Prim - Found
Joan Elizabeth Pugh (Avent) - Found
Warren Rachels - Found
Irv Rae - Found
Diane Railey (Curington) - Found

Judy Ralph (Huddleston) - Found
Rose Mary Randle (Hendrix) - Found
Robert Raposo - Found
Kathleen Raulerson (Crook) - Found

Stephen Ravesies - Found
Margaret Suzanne Rawls
Margaret Elizabeth (Betty) Reaves
Gay Nell Reddick
Warren (Bud) Reed - Found
Ronald Howell Register - Found
Patsy Rhodes (Johnson) - Found

Patti Roberts
Molly Robeson (Mabe) - Found
Gary Rosenberger - Found
Judith Romaine Rote - Found
Linda Royal (Bradley) - Found

Eddie Basil Rukab - Found
Barbara Rulkiewicz (Kirkman) - Found

John Runton - Found
James Ruppersberger - Found

William "Rusty" Russ - Found
Sandy Sammons (Sutter) - Found
Larry Sapp (Ashley) - Found
Richie Sapp - Found
Janice Satterfield (Nicolosi) - Found
Robert Lee Saylor - Found
Linda Ruth Scarborough
Tony Schoder - Found
Mike Schurer - Found
Jim Seaward - Found

Shirley Ann Serr (Post) - Found
Ruth Ann Seth (Arnold) - Found
Suzanne Sharrock (Shealy) - Found
Andy Shaw - Found

MoiraLynn (Marilyn) Sheddan Mefein - Found
Frances Juanita Shinall
Jo Anne Shuman
M. R. Simpers - Found
Carolynn Olivia Sims
Dee Anna Sirmans (Roberts) - Deceased
Arnold Slott - Found

Erma Jean Smith
George Edward Smith - Deceased
Richard Eugene Smith - Found
Judith Suzanne Snow -
Peggy Ann Sparkman (York) - Found
Jaine Speir (Shumate) - Found

Julie Ida Starling
Pete (Eugene) Starling - Found
Ralph Starr Jr. - Found
Robbie Stedeford - Found

John Steed - Found
Sylvia Steen - Found
Pollyanne Stephens (Watson) - Found
Janet Stoughton (Moore) - Found
Wanell Strickland (Walker) - Found
Patricia Stringer (Hanafourde) - Found
James Leon Stuart - Found
James (Sully) Sullivan - Found
Patricia Sullivan (Rice) - Found
Shirley Sweat (Strickland) - Found
Laura Jane Swilley - Found
Norma Tate (Rowland) - Found
Patricia Tate (Smith) - Found
Lois Ann Taylor (Williams) - Found
Norman William Taylor
Patricia Ann Taylor (Almes) - Found
Annie Marie Terrell
Jim Terrell - Found
Jim Teston - Found
Tommy Thomas
Barbara Jane Thomson
Nancy Thomson (Denson) - Found
Mary Ann Thurmond - Found
Elizabeth Ann Tiernan (Lewis)
Sally Tiller (Woodworth) - Found
Jacqueline Tubbs (Lattie) - Found
Marjorie Myrtle Tucker
Linda Sue Turner
Jane Turnage (Jenkins) - Found
Lee Tyner (Kremer) - Found
Ann Elizabeth Tyre (Welch) - Found
Carol Ulery (Graham) - Found
Ray Van Landingham - Found

Sandra Varnado
Richard Michael Vaughan
Sonja Vinzant (Harpe) - Found
Shirley Marie Wade
Ann Lynne Wagner
Patricia Waldrop (Vaughn) - Found
Lamar Walker - Found
Lynn Walker (Ford) - Found
Pat Walker - Found

Elizabeth Waller (Cohen) - Found
William Thomas Walters - Found
Eddie Ward
Richard Ward
Terry Ward - Found
Victory Warden (Williams) - Found
Fritz Ware - Found
Jan Watkins (Brady) - Found

Joann Watson (Coleman) - Found
Deborah Watt (Anderson) - Found
Patricia Weeks (Romigh) - Found

Robert Milton Weldon - Found
Joe White - Found

Richard White - Found
Gena Whitten - Found
Larry Whittington - Found
Alice Whittle (Rzepka) - Found
Judi Wiggins (Howell) - Found

David Wilbur - Found

Randall Wilcox - Found
George Wilke - Found

Fred A Williams - Found
Raymond Williams
William Stamie Williams - Found
Winifred Williams (Knowlton) - Found
Carolyn Wilson - Found
Murray Ann Winney (Ziegenfuss) - Found
Sandra Louise Wirth (King)
Harry Braxton Wise
John Lilburn Wise
Alan Craig Witte - Found
Phyllis Lee Wolf
Mike Woods - Found
Bunnie Worsham (Graham) - Found

Lavone Wynens (Wichman) - Found
Barbara Yoder
Jimmy Yarbrough - Found